Nov 9, 2009

In Cleveland this morning at Bryan's eye appointment. Missing my boys, but also hated to leave Kevin's today. I've never known a place so warm and inviting; there's something so special about that place.

Ate pretty well this weekend, skipped dinner last night sortof by accident, and replaced it with a delicously-made apple tart with freshly whipped cream. I have a rule that food made with love is always okay, in reasonable quantities and accounted for in other ways. Another rule that has helped me to succeed so far has been that if I don't finish calorie counting one day, it doesn't make me feel like I should stop counting altogether. New day, fresh start! So, I'm off to enter my 2 deliciously poached eggs, 1 slice of fresh sour dough bread, and 1/4 piece of Lilly's Chocolate bar (thankfully the last bit, SO delicious).


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