Nov 11, 2009

Yucky food makes you feel yucky

Since my last blog post, I guess you couldn't say that I've been on a Yucky Food Bender, but in light of my desire to be healthy, lose weight, and feel great, I have been bending. Since that post, I have had:
  • Chipotle full-size (oversized really) veggie burrito (probably 800 calories by itself),
  • 2 Twinkies (thanks to listening to Twinkie podcast by Stuff You Should Know guys)
  • then for dinner that night, smartly only had about 2 cups of steamed cauliflower with about 1/2 tablespooon of butter
  • started out good the next day with 2 small David's Healthy Balls (made with oats, pecan, flax seed, agave nectar, dark chocolate, mango, and apricots)
  • then, Chinese Buffet, where I didn't really hold back, except for declining the fried donut afterwards
  • and for dinner last night, 2 canned biscuits, 2 pieces of maple sausage, and scrambled eggs

First, let's start with the Chipotle. I thought I was making somewhat of a healthy choice... veggie burrito and all that. However, once that thing got crammed with all the veggie stuff they had on the bar, it was big enough to wrap in a blanket to stand in as a newborn baby on a TV show. I physically could not fit any part of it in my mouth, and had to obtain a fork to shovel it out from the inside of the burrito. Needless to say, after that I was FULL. And also, even though there are no taste buds in my stomach, it was actually burning from all the hot stuff in there.

Driving home from Cleveland after Chipotle, my belly full of newborn-sized burrito, I felt hungry about an hour later. Not "hungry" per se, but felt like "I'd love something sweet right now, like 6 donuts."

Next, I listened to Stuff You Should Know's podcast about Twinkies. I have never craved a Twinkie in my life, and have eaten probably less than a dozen in that time. Well, after learning that there is pretty much nothing made by God in a Twinkie, and they are as resilient as Birkenstock uppers, I desired and caved in to not only one but two of those tasty treats.

Immediately after eating the Twinkies, I felt a dull throbbing headache behind my eyes. It's as if the unnatural glycerides in those pastries had already worked their evil selves into my brain, and were punishing me.

Made a good decision that night: decided to skip traditional "dinner," and go for a big bowl of cauliflower.

Yesterday at lunch, after having gotten busy and only eaten about 150 calories in delicious David's Balls for breakfast, and after the day had turned cloudy and rainy and cold, I suggested to my co-worker that we go to the Chinese buffet, our favorite place on such days. This decision was also a result of not having planned very well for my lunch that day, having only a Lean Cuisine and rotten broccoli to look forward to back at work. So, Chinese Buffet ensued, with all the pleasures that we know and love about it.

Yesterday afternoon, felt like crap. Bloated, thirsty, tired, depressed. Went to the gym that afternoon anyway, had a great time, and sweated out some of the horribleness.

For dinner, my plan was to again pretty much skip it for some steamed veggies, but I ended up at the dreaded Wal Mart (because I needed things that weren't available at Kroger), and it took me over an hour to find the things I had come for. Got home much later than I had planned, and didn't even feel like fighting the urge to have what everyone else was having: scrambled eggs, canned biscuits, and sausage.

This morning, woke up in excruciating stomach pain. Just some trapped gas in there that wanted to kill me for having eaten like I have, and it nearly succeeded.

So now I am feeling better. I am done with crap food for awhile. It sucks, and it makes me feel sucky. Why do I have to remind myself of that so often? By now I should know it by heart.


Bryan Cooper said...

She's right... I was there. The Chipotle Burrito could easily be added to any decorative holiday Creche.

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