Dec 8, 2009

"Movin' right along...

...foot loose and fancy free!" This is a song that Bryan and I often find ourselves singing because it often applies to a current situation. It's nice to be thrown back to that sweet moment of Fonzi and Kermit in the car, driving to go get their friends, just on the road and going... even though they go completely in the wrong direction. "...I never knew the sun came up in the West??"

I've been very busy lately... trying to finish up everything for my 2 classes, going on our annual trip to Universal, kids, work, etc. You know the drill. Taking time to write down what I've been up to just hasn't been able to be worked into my daily schedule.

But the song applies with me right now. I am moving right along. I AM foot loose and fancy free. I have lost 2 more pounds as of this morning, and yes those are the very next pounds in addition to the 20 pounds I mentioned before. It's been a long time coming for these next 2 pounds, but I have a lot of crazy times to show for it. Trips to Universal alone do not make it easy to maintain one's healthy diet... beer, popcorn, irregular meals, FREE club level food offered 4 times per day... you can see where that goes. Anyway, I did make good decisions sometimes, and sometimes I didn't. For the most part, I did well. I have maintained my weight, and haven't added any on. And a few weeks later... here I am, down 2 pounds. So, Kudos!

I've been trying to concentrate on how this is NOT about pounds though. I've narrowed this down to two things that it really should be about. One is: health, obviously. I want to be healthy, and being healthy will certainly cause me to lose a lot of weight in the long run. I want to be able to do whatever I want and not get overly winded. I want to feel like I'm not lugging myself around, but that I could bound up and off at any time if I wanted to. I want to have a healthy glow. The other thing is: economic concerns. If I had continued going the way I was going, I was going to have to buy new, bigger clothes. I had maxed out my current clothes, and eliminated tons of clothes that were too small for me. The good news is, I stored those clothes mostly in my basement, and they are still there waiting for my thinner self. Some of them are even still in my drawers and closet, and I've already started wearing them.

Also, I'm paying attention to my weightloss chart (on, where I log everything), and I noticed something cool about it. First of all, I'll have to clarify that when I say I've lost 22 pounds, that's from 250, my recent highest weight, back in early Summer. You'll see what I mean on the chart. So first, check out the chart.

See how back in June when I started trying to lose weight, I had a very steep drop in weight at the beginning, and then I totally gave up and creeped back up between then and September? Well, then notice that since I started my new plan, I have been dropping steadily, but with a much gentler grade. I like to picture it as a hill. I could walk down that 2nd hill. Some parts are steep, but for the most part I could walk down. The one back in June though, that's practically a cliff. No way you could walk down that without a repelling rope. Also, notice that while my brief attempt in June was merely a few weeks, my change in September has been constant for nearly 4 months. So, steep is bad; gradual is good. Keep an even keel... make it a hill that I could easily walk down, without even having to slide on my butt at all. I can do that. Heck, that's easier, right? It is easier. It means not starving myself, not making huge changes in my physiology over a short time... just taking it easy. Movin' right along. Foot loose and fancy free.


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