Dec 31, 2009

A Numbers Post

I'm worn out right now. I have spent my day trying to prepare for the coming of 2010 (both the festivities to come tonight and tomorrow, and the whole year coming after that), physically and I suppose emotionally. Anyway, mostly I 've been trying to plan my day, calorie-wise, and make it a good day. I know I'll be drinking at least 4 Yuenglings tonight and a glass of champagne, so I had to prepare... I'm tired, so this will be a post of lists and numbers.

My food for today:
  • Oat Bran Hot Cereal w/1 Splenda packet, cinnamon, and 1/3 of a Stretch Island Fruit Co grape leather cut up in it (wanted to change up the normal yogurt/grapenuts/blueberries routine)
  • Coffee with International Delight (6oz coffee, 1T Int'l D)
  • Lean Cuisine Grilled Chicken Primavera (sought out lowest calorie LC in the freezer, 220 calories)
  • remaining 2/3's of Stretch Island Fruit Co grape leather
[would have had a mango here, but realized I have poison-ivy-esque "mango lip syndrome" (yes, I get this) from previous 2 mangoes this week... laying off for a few days]
and I haven't had these things yet, but they are in my caloriecount database, already planned for:
  • Bryan's famous homemade chicken pot pie (entered all ingredients and got a calorie count: 489/serving)
  • Bryan's famous accompanying cheese biscuit atop pot pie
  • and then in the "snack" category
  • 4 Yuenglings (full calorie, just can't buy Yuengling Light... yet)
  • 1 glass champagne

I will probably end up throwing something else down the gullet this evening, but that's okay. This stuff adds up to 1,882 calories. It'll be fine, because...

I had an AMAZING workout today on the elliptical trainer!
My Stats for today:

12:34 minute mile to start (15 seconds better than my previous best)
Did 3.02 miles in the first 40 minutes (13.2 minute mile average)
then 0.32 miles in 5 minutes to cool down
total of 45 minutes and 3.34 miles
according to caloriecount's database, ellipticalling at "moderate effort" for 45 minutes at my weight burned 765 calories.

Now, I know that an elliptical trainer is not running, but elliptical-wise, did I just do a 5k, or did I just do a 5k? YES I DID. And a lot of that time, I was going fast enough to be running. Yeah. That's right. I did.

I'm going to go have a Yuengling now. Happy 2009, everybody, and bring on 2010, in which I will reach my healthiest point ever!


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