Jan 21, 2010

A few notes on food

This will be a bullety post today. I'm just having some random thoughts on foods, and wanted to get them down...

  • First, why are some bags of dried apricots delicious and actually dry, but some come slimy and sticky? And I'm talking about the exact same brand... maybe they over- or under-sulfated it? What the heck does that sulfate do anyway? Preserve it? Dried foods at the Co-op are typically un-sulfated, so I guess it's something that crunchy people like to avoid. 
  • Lean Cuisines are underrated. They can be delicious. First of all, I add to almost all my Lean Cuisine meals a cup of vegetable, usually fresh steamed broccoli. Lately I've been adding peas some days, because they go great with some stuff, and I keep a frozen bag of them for when I'm out of broccoli. Also, I keep in my drawer at work now containers of: kosher salt, red pepper flakes, black peppercorns in one of those disposable pepper mills, and also oregano (which I have yet to use, but it seemed like a good idea at the time). I add pepper and red pepper to almost everything, and I only salt vegetables that I'm eating by themselves. Lean Cuisines have PLENTY of salt in them to share with steamed veggies that I'm throwing in. 
  • It's funny how when you're "dieting" you think you can't have things like milk chocolate. The other day I had 2 Hershey Kisses, and of course added them into my Calorie Count database. That's 52 calories. Hey listen, if I want a damn Hershey Kiss and all it's going to cost me is 26 calories a pop, you can be sure I'm going to have one. No sense in rubber banding myself out over a tiny piece of chocolate. Just eat the darn thing! Although, after about 3 days of driving with a huge bag of Kisses lying next to me on the seat and having one or two of them every day, I had to pitch that thing into the back of the car. I don't need that kind of temptation; one bad afternoon and that whole bag might be emptied by me in 10 minutes.
Okay, I think that's it for now. I completed Week 2 Day 1 of Couch to 5k training the other day, and I have learned recently that as far as my plantar fasciitis foot goes, standing still and walking (especially in bad shoes) is MUCH worse than a little bit of running in semi-good shoes. What does that tell me? Don't ever wear any of my crappily-padded shoes anymore, AND get a good pair of running shoes, because pretty soon it's going to be more than 90 second at a time runs.

I'm still weighing in the same as last time I reported. 220, there I said it. I might as well start posting the actual number on here. I weigh two HUNDRED and twenty pounds... and that's a huge improvement from 6 months ago. It's good that weightloss didn't keep going on as fast as it had been. Gives me something to work for.

Keep it real, Dear Readers! All two of you! I love you both!


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