May 4, 2010

A Much-Needed Task Enema

Ahhhhh, what a great feeling! My two Spring term classes are finally over, and I have a 2-week hiatus before the next class starts. It's a great feeling. I don't know if any of you share my woes of having the bowels of a much, much older woman, but the feeling I have now about my life being free of back-up and gunk for the next 2 weeks is so much like the feeling I get after a really satisfying trip to the ladies' room (see, if I say "ladies' room" that makes it totally couth).

Since finishing my classes about 24 hours ago, I have cleared so many little tasks off of my desk, both personal and work-wise. These things just piled up on me for the last several months, and now that my mind is clear of "learning" for a little while, I can easily knock these things out in 10-15 minutes apiece. My bills are scheduled to be paid, I have called Zene's future preschool and arranged a registration form, medical bills are either paid or arranged, and my drawer of "things to deal with when I have time" is practically empty (or, at least very organized). I feel GREAT!

I've found that living a healthy lifestyle finds its way into many other aspects of one's life. They were not totally crazy on The Biggest Loser this season when they invited that crazy money lady to come and talk about the contestant's finances. These things really do go hand in hand. I've actually been paying down credit card debt for the last few months--unprecedented! ...I can't say that my house is in much better shape than it usually is, day-to-day-wise, but Bryan and I have found the gumption to do many valuable home projects in the last 6-9 months ("Sixty-nine moths??!" "No. Six TO nine months")

When I'm feeling this good and flushed out, it's hard to make myself think back to what it feels like to be all bound up with tasks, but I feel like I should at least consider how to keep myself from getting that way in the first place. On the bowel front, I know that flax, water, and fruit/veggies will do me just fine... for tasks though? Well, I guess I need to sometimes set everything else aside, put schoolwork and everything in a compartment in my mind, and concentrate on those tasks. It's hard to do when other stuff seems so much more important, but if I can manage that, then maybe I won't have the need for a task enema a the end of every semester.


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