Jul 19, 2010

Something's Happened to my Motivation

Something's happened to my motivation this past week... well, since that last 5k nine days ago. As I've said, I have a plan to do one 5k per month 'till the end of the year, and that is good, because without that commitment I really don't know where I'd end up, exercise-wise.

I had this conversation with myself this afternoon:

"Something's happened to my motivation."
"You're right, but what part of your motivation, exactly? Food? Exercise...?"
"Exercise, definitely. On food, I'm fine. Never going back."
"Right. Okay, so that's something, right? You're somewhere positive. Think of where you were this time last year. Better, right?"
"Yeah, better. I see what you mean. I won't let this feeling 'derail' me."
"Exactly. So, what exactly has happened to your exercise motivation?"
"Don't know. Usually after a class is over I'm all peppy and ready to go. Right now I feel low and sluggish and ready to stay in one place."
"Remember what you said once? 'The only people who think exercise sucks are those that don't do it.'"
"Yeah, I know. You're right. But still, it doesn't help much."
"All you can do is do it. Find time. Get up off the couch. DO something."
"I know. I will. It's hard."
"Of course it's hard. You can do it though."

And I will, but for now... for right this moment, and for the past 9 days, I haven't been feeling it. I haven't been doing any type of actual exercise. Haven't run, haven't done sit-ups, haven't gotten on my bike. I will though, because I have to, and because I know that I will have a great time. I won't let this get me down forever.


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