Dec 30, 2010

I did it! in 2010

As I sit here on the next to last day of 2010, I feel like I need to reflect back on this year to note what I've accomplished. It's been a long, slow journey--just as I wanted it to be--but because of that, it's easy to forget the things that I've done that I never thought I would be able to do. So, like Shannon H's I did it! lists (except a little different because I'm just reflecting back on the past year, not projecting future accomplishments like Shannon), here I go:

I did it! in 2010

  • Completed the Couch to 5k running program
  • Completed my first 5k, and then one per month for the rest of the year (except December)
  • Organized and hosted a 5k event to raise money for a worthy cause
  • Cut a mama string by putting my oldest son in kindergarten
  • Took Tayan, who is 5, running with me
  • Inspired other people to start running
  • Decided that January 2014 will be my first credit card debt-free month since I was 18
  • Organized a Combined Federal Campaign, raising over $5000 for charities
  • Completed 15 hours of graduate classes towards my masters degree
  • Realized that my biggest weakness is pride
  • Learned a lot about being a leader and working as a team in the Aspiring Leader Program

and in 2011, I'll be able to say these, among other things: 

I am frankly thankful to be alive, because I feel that there is a whole lot more that I can do on this Earth. I am thankful that my family has been well, that my kids are healthy and happy, and that my husband loves me. I'm thankful that we both have jobs. There are so many things I couldn't list them all... but when Phish plays Auld Lang Syne tomorrow night, I will hold up my glass with happiness and gratitude that I have been given this blessed life for one more year.

P.S. That's weird, I totally forgot to note two important things: I finally got below 200 pounds, and I finally got back into size 14 pants. I'm sortof glad I forgot those at first, but they are important, so I'm adding them now. :) 


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