Jan 6, 2011

2 More Days of Good

The following are yesterday's and today's posts from my page on Blogtolose.com. I intend to always re-post those here, even though they are mostly just daily updates of what I'm eating.

January 5th, 2011 - Another <1600 calorie day!

Yesterday was great! I really really didn't want to go running, but I did. Then I went to the farm and hiked around for about a half an hour, doing work. I felt physically tired at the end of the day, which always makes me happy. I had a great evening with the family, after talking to one of my sisters and my mom while driving home... I was a little concerned about the dinner my husband decided to make (breakfast for dinner: homemade biscuits, eggs, bacon). But, I omitted the bacon from my plate, added an orange and some jelly, and I ended up just over 1500 calories for the day--again!! So awesome.

Today I'll be doing some hiking for work at another farm, and I'll try to maximize the walking that I'll actually do. Looking forward to the ~2 hr drive there, and then back. It will be a nice, relaxing day. Tonight's dinner is already planned, and I will have it all entered in before I leave work today.

and today, January 6th, 2011 - A 1/3 meat/carb, 2/3 veggie kinda dinner

Did great yesterday... by lunchtime I was very hungry, and had done some work out in the field. At first I suggested to my co-worker that we go to Arby's, and he was like "You don't usually suggest that. Have you figured out something healthy there you want to eat?" and I hadn't, so I was like "How about Subway?" And really Subway was the healthiest thing I could've picked yesterday given our options, so thank God I picked it.

Because I was HUNGRY! I ended up getting a 12" honey oat sub with turkey and no cheese. Added tons of veggies and honey mustard. Twelve inches is a lot of sub, granted, but it was a lot of pretty healthy sub (mostly all that bread was the worst part, but man it was good!). I didn't even get a diet soda, I just drank my water.

Dinner was planned: cooked kale and hamburgers. The husband and kids were having potatoes too, but I opted out. I had one 3oz burger with a very hearty bun, and a big bowl of kale. It was a good "1/3 meat/carb, 2/3 vegetable" dinner, which I hardly ever have. Usually it's 1/3 meat, 1/3 carb, 1/3 vegetable--on a good day. :)

I did have a strong craving for chocolate last night though. I had 3 Hershey kisses and 2 mini Reese's cups. That put me over 1600 calories for the day. I'll take it!


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