Jan 27, 2011

...Not as good

As you all probably know, it's harder to check in on a not so good week. And you also know that we need this accountability to get back on track, so here I am. It makes me feel like the last two weeks of doing well were really just a fluke, and now I'm back to my "old ways" of half-hearted trying. :( Oh well. 

We went out of town this past weekend on what was admittedly pre-billed as a "weekend of eating." I know, somehow I failed to mention this on my blog--funny how that happens. We went to Cleveland sans kids with Jamie and David (sister-in-law and significant other), and had a great time. I wouldn't say that I totally screwed up for the whole weekend, but after all, it was a "weekend of eating." We went lots of places, and to the chocolate shop twice. 

Anyway, got back home Monday night. Logged calories again on Tuesday, and did pretty well. 1651 for the day, including dinner at Chick Fil A. It was a very hard day because I was stressed about work/school, and I very badly wanted to go to the Chinese buffet for lunch. Thankfully that plan was nixed, and it ended up being a pretty good day.

Wednesday (yesterday) was a snow storm, and I found myself home alone at noon and wanting lunch. It's a strange feeling when you're the mother of 2 <6 year olds and you find yourself at home by yourself, not knowing if you should do laundry, dishes, or just veg on the couch. I decided on a Lean Cuisine and Fiberful bar from Trader Joe's. And a beer, to "celebrate" the free afternoon off. Bryan came home soon after, and we went to a movie, and I ate half of a large popcorn (and water). Came home, continued "celebrating" with a few more beers, and had pirogies and brussels sprouts for dinner. Good stuff. Then--at my request--Bryan made chocolate chip cookies from scratch while I lazed about and watched the basketball game, and I ate 4 of them. 

If it hadn't been for beer and cookies yesterday, I would've had 1422 calories for the day. As it was, I had over 2200. Doh! 

Today started well--oatmeal and an orange. And then at lunch I caved and finally did the Chinese buffet. One of the worst things about doing that is it's nearly impossible to count the calories for it. I decided today though that I would do my best to do so, so I could at least see the estimated damage. As it is, I am seriously thinking about skipping dinner tonight, and just having some steamed broccoli when I finally get hungry. Estimated 1364 calories for the day already. (by the way, I use caloriecount.about.com, which certainly has its flaws, but it's a pretty good calorie-counting system). 

Good news is, in the midst of this I did manage to do 50 crunches the other night, and my first attempts at "real" push-ups (not "girl" ones). I also did some plank positions last night, to help prepare myself for more real push-ups, because I was really not even able to do one when I tried it. 

Also, I have re-evaluated my running plan for running a half marathon in early June. I'm doing the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon to Finish plan, which is conveniently 19 weeks (exactly the amount of time I have). I'm starting by first doing a few runs to determine my Magic Mile, as Mr. Galloway puts it, from which I can determine my best half marathon pace, which will be approximately 14-minute miles. 

So, there's where I am. I hope you all had a great weekend and beginning of this week, and that writing this all out will help me to do better in the meals and days to come. Thanks for being here! 


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