Jan 20, 2011

S'been a good week

I've been doing well this week. And, it looks like I'm finally in the 180's for good. 189 has read consistently on the scale. Sweet!

Here's what I've been eating: 

Ate really well, then ate too much granola for afternoon snack, made my belly feel bloated and nasty. Went to KFC before a meeting at church, and only had 1/2 of a grilled boneless breast and a mac n cheese. Then late that night (after 10pm) finally was home, showered, and SO hungry. Decided "what the Hell" and had a full bowl of honey nut Cheerios, milk, and strawberries. Was just what I needed, and I don't even care that I ate that late. Had 1430 calories for the whole day. 

hard boiled egg, and half of a Clif Chocolate Chip bar
Healthy Choice meal Lemon Herb Chicken (210 calories)
Whole Wheat sandwich thin toasted in toaster oven with olive oil, salt, and oregano
Whole cucumber (very filling, I ate half at lunch, half a few hours later)
and for a snack before going home, a Kashi TLC Chocolate Chip cookie, heated in microwave (mmm!)
1 Yuengling (128 calories)
a reduced fat Hebrew Nat'l hotdog
whole wheat bun grilled with butter (about a teaspoon)
potato fries roasted in the oven with olive oil
Calories for the day: 1405! 
I really thought about having a Skinny Cow ice cream last night, because I knew I could afford the calories, but I just didn't want it that bad. :) 

Also, I ran yesterday (on the treadmill) for 25 minutes straight, and walked for 13 minutes. Burned over 350 calories there. 

Greek yogurt (5oz), 1oz homemade granola, and about 2/3 cup strawberries sliced on top. So beautiful and delicious.


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