Feb 4, 2011

It's all a numbers game

To reiterate my point yesterday about being able to eat whatever I truly want, here is a very numbers-heavy post for ya.

Calories in: 1995
Calories out: 2518
Caloric deficit: 2518 - 1995 = 523
I ran Tuesday morning, ate healthy throughout the day, then had breakfast-dinner of homemade biscuits, jelly, scrambled eggs, and fried potatoes (in moderation). 

Calories in: 1821
Calories out: 2063
Caloric deficit: 2063 - 1821 = 242
I ran-walked with the dog Wednesday morning, ate healthy through the day, then had 2 Budweisers (really need to drink a lighter beer), 2 slices of pizza, and 3 chicken wings for dinner. 

Calories in: 1673
Calories out: 1993
Caloric deficit: 1993 - 1673 = 320
I did a calisthenic workout Thursday morning, ate healthy through the day (other than a whole bag of popcorn in the afternoon), then had bbq pork loin, kale, and my husband's whole wheat mac n cheese with spinach for dinner. 

Over these 3 days I've built up a caloric deficit of 1085 (320 + 242 + 523), and "they" say that a pound of fat is 3500 calories. That puts me nearly a third of the way to a 1-lb loss. Of course, I'm sure I've had excess calories on other days, particularly last weekend, and probably this coming weekend too. But this is life, and those numbers are how weight loss works in the simplest terms. There are many other factors, I'm sure, like hormones, intestinal output (nice way of saying it, huh), salt and water intake, etc. But still, it's nice to see the numbers. 

If anyone is curious about how to calculate "calories out," it's basically my basal metabolic rate (you can google that to calculate yours) plus any exercise that I did that day. 


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