Feb 9, 2011

"My Too Many Things"

My Too Many Things

Samples to get run and broken centrifuges
Paying for Tayan to sing Disney dirges
Too much money spent on gambling

These are a few of my Too Many Things

Columns of data that mean nothing to me
Notes for corrections that I can’t clearly see
Meeting with a scientist who knows everything

These are a few of my Too Many Things

Want to see Annie, want to help Sara
Want to re-do the grout in disrepair-a
Want to play games with Tayan and Zene

These are a few of my Too Many Things

When the dog whines
When the kids cry
When I’m feeling sad
I can’t help but recall my Too Many Things
And then I go quite mad

I want to run a half marathon this year
I want to carry my church to the future
But my back is a wreck and I like to sleep in

Just one or two of my Too Many Things

Assignment for class that I don’t want to look at
Cookies that I want to eat make me get fat
It should all come together with string

Instead it seems to be unraveling

Have to remember that everyone’s been here
Days when the haze makes the future so unclear
It doesn’t help that I’m PMSing

It’s just one more of my Too Many Things

So when they pile up
And fall over
And I’m feeling bad
I need to remember we all have these Things
And then I won’t feel so mad. 


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