Feb 11, 2011

Today's Gonna be a Good Day

Today is going to be awesome! I can feel it! Here's what I ate yesterday and sofar this morning: 

An orange, and 1/2 of a McD's small coffee w/creamer and Splenda
A banana
Captain D's for lunch: 3 pieces of country-style fish, 2T tartar sauce, baked potato, w/butter & sour cream, broccoli, 2 hush puppies
Another banana
Dinner was Wendy's: Caesar salad w/grilled chicken. Gave half of my chicken to the kids, used 1 packet dressing, skipped croutons
Snack: Banana Fudge Vitatop w/3oz plain yogurt and 3g honey (so so delicious)
Calories for the day: 1538

30g of scrambled egg (what was left over after the kids' portions)
an orange on the way to work, which I savored... it was a really good one, and I made it last 
Calories from breakfast: 137

Oh, and I woke up a half hour early this morning and did stretches for my back, then 50 crunches, 50 squats, and 20 girl pushups (the "man" pushups are pretty hard on my back).


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