Apr 21, 2011

I'll Be Back Soon!

What a crazy hectic week it's been, and it's felt so loooong, too. I'm just ready for Friday, but Friday unfortunately doesn't end my busy-ness, .

I'm sure I've mentioned it here before, but I'm finishing up my Masters of Public Health degree this semester. It's taken me 3 years, and it hasn't been that easy. The program is all online through West Virginia University, and all in all I've worked pretty hard on it. Sure, there were days (weeks?) where I didn't do much of squat on anything, but other weeks were totally consumed with projects, papers, forum-postings, exams, finals, studying, writing, researching... egad, it goes on and on. This semester I've been pretty much consumed all of the time, but never as much as these past two weeks.

I've gotten a lot done in the last few weeks. I've turned in the final version of my 28-page monstrosity of a paper, started on and completed the accompanying poster for presenting the information, written the toughest parts of my grant (for grant-writing class), and have started working on the presentation to go with the poster. Not to mention, the Work work we've had lately. We're getting like 5 sets of 24 water samples per week now, and running them involves a lot of filtering, media preparation, washing dishes, rinsing dishes, autoclaving dishes... and going to the field to pick up the samples. And at home I mowed the grass and folded laundry last night.

See, I feel like I need to write these things down somewhere, because I've found that as I constantly strive for perfection (which I know I shouldn't do), the milestones are reversed in perspective. When they're far away, they seem enormous, insurmountable. As they approach, they look smaller. By the time you pass them, they seem insignificant, meaningless. You find yourself saying "Next Milestone Please!" as you sprint by. It's a crazy way to live, and I hope to lay some of this gusto down for awhile, chill and read fiction books and take it easy. Go to work 40 hours per week, come home and have every minute of my evening and weekend for me and the family.

But that's where I've been. I miss writing in this blog. As I shut down everything this afternoon, I realized I had 40 more minutes to go, and I thought "What should I do with all this free time? Wow, could I actually write a blog post? Sure!" So here I am to tell you (my one to two readers), I will be back soon.


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