Sep 27, 2011

What did YOU rock out today???

I've been wanting to write this post for a loooong time. I always talk myself out of it, sadly because I probably feel like I didn't actually rock out very much that day. But in truth, we rock out something EVERY DAY. Every day we make decisions that lead us to being better people, and we almost always immediately discount those decisions, labeling them "unimportant," or "still not good enough." Not today! In fact, every single day you should be able to make a list of the things you totally rocked out that day.

Sometimes it feels like we take so many steps back with every step forward, or that lately we've only taken steps back... but we have to remember that if we were to give up, we would stop taking steps forward at all, and soon we would be mired in the dread of "where am I going?" A very wise woman told me (this morning) that even the steps back are progress when we recognize that they are indeed in the wrong direction.

So, what did you do today that was a step forward? What did you do that made you feel GOOD about yourself? I want a reply from everyone on this thread... Annie, Sara, Mom, Bryan, Aunt Son, CC, Shelia... whoever reads it. Hit reply, and tell me not only one thing, but a list of 4 or more things that you did today that were steps forward.

What did you totally rock out today...?


Laura said...

What I rocked out today:
1. decided that my "bad day" mentality was just a state of mind, and I could change it
2. had a great, honest conversation with my sister
3. registered for a 5k that I was remiss to register for
4. told my kids and husband that I love them
5. decided to run (well, actually "move")3 miles, no matter what
6. ate a great breakfast, and had a great poop
7. took charge of my workday

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