Dec 14, 2011

The Times They Are A'Changin'

Well, here we are... I haven't mentioned it on here before, and haven't really talked about my job much at all, but in my job world everything is about to change. My research lab, called AFSRC, was proposed for closure by the president's 2012 budget, and congress has agreed that it is time to close down AFSRC forever. There are around 55 scientists, technicians, and support personnel employed here, and we are about to be poofed out of existence. They are actually going to offer each of us a job *somewhere in the country,* but very few of us will be able to take what they offer. It's hard to just pack up and move away from your family and everything you've always known to somewhere else which could just as easily be closed in the next few years.

So anyway, times are changing. I'm looking for new work. We're really not sure where we'll end up, or what we'll end up doing, but for now I have 2 interviews with WV Department of Environmental Protection (actually these will be my 2nd and 3rd with DEP), so we will see what comes of it. If not... move to Cleveland...? Perhaps.

When they finally decided to close our lab... and the funny thing is, it'll be several months before work at this location actually ends, thanks to the killer efficiency of the federal government... but when they finally dropped the hammer on us, and they told us that we really have very little to do now when we come to work... they said our main job is to "protect the equipment," and the equipment is pretty protected as long as it doesn't go scooting itself off the edge of a counter or anything. So when they decided to close us, I decided that I will go to our TOTALLY FREE gym Every Single Day that I'm at work until they close the doors on me.

And I'm doing it! It's been almost 3 weeks now, and whether I'm here all day or half a day or whatever, I have gotten a workout in EVERY day (except yesterday actually, because I had a stomach ailment). It's feeling GREAT, and it's really making a habit out of working out for me. My body and mind almost crave it, and even if they don't crave it, they have at least come to expect it.

My mind: "2:55pm? 5 minutes 'till workout time... do we have a playlist ready? What are we going to do today...?"

It's all good. And Wednesdays have become my Nike Training App days. They have a bajillion workouts on there, and I've only done 2 sofar, both of them of the Beginner variety. MAN, do those kick my butt! I love it! Other than that, I do elliptical, Bowflex, and on days that I'm really tired I just walk the treadmill. I've gone through almost the entire Star Wars trilogy sofar (watching, not listening).

So, job coming to an end... changes around the corner... and workouts are going strong!


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