Feb 13, 2012

It Takes All Kinds of Days

I feel like talking about health and fitness today. I am still here struggling with the desire to and reality of becoming a fitnessy, healthy person. Here’s what I did this morning:

  1. slept in because of 2 hour delay for school/work
  2. had some full-caffeine coffee with ½ n ½
  3. with an icing-less beet cupcake
  4. still hungry, didn’t feel like fruit, had small bowl of Kashi w/soy milk
  5. went to work
  6. pittered my morning away (it was short because of the 2hr delay)
  7. went to Ruby Tuesday with Bryan and a friend
  8. did the FULL Ruby Tuesday gauntlet
    1. salad bar, complete with ham/pea pasta salad
    2. 2 Ruby Mini’s (beef, cheese, mayo, etc)
    3. Fries on the side
    4. ALSO partook in half of a Blondie for One (so, Blondie for 0.5)
  9. commenced feeling full, fat, and somewhat miserable
  10. went to the gym and did 40 sweaty minutes on the elliptical trainer

I don’t feel like doing any “at least…”s today. No “at least I worked out,” or “at least I only had half the Blondie.” I’m just past all that crap. I know what I need to do and I continue to not do it.

Folks, this is life. It’s so very often not perfect at all. We can’t be perfect; if we could, our moms would’ve named us at the behest of God Almighty, and our name might rhyme with Fleezus.

So here I sit, having eaten enough calories for the entire day sofar… AND, I had a great time at lunch. I ate fun food that I love, enjoyed company, and acted as if it didn’t matter at all. And it actually doesn’t. My parents always said “It takes all kinds,” from the immortal words of Daniel Dravot, played by Sean Connery in The Man Who Would Be King.

Well, it takes all kinds of days, too. 


Yum Yucky said...

ohhh. I had a fatty, bloated weekend. I feel ya, girl. Good thing today is a new day and I'm back on track. Eh, it happens! ;)

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