Jul 17, 2012

Buying a House Sucks and Other News

Well, I haven't "worked out" since I did that plank/burpees workout three days ago. This is the first day I've woken up since then that I didn't have to roll out of bed because my stomach muscles hurt so badly. I have done some active stuff though, for instance spending an hour up in a 100 degree attic yesterday and sweating at least a cup of calories out. It's funny how you can burn calories by doing nothing but being hot. Then I ended up spending lunch and dinner eating 4 pieces of gut-globbing cheesy pizza though--yea me.

This is Tuesday of my last week as an unemployed person, and believe me I am excited about it. I kindof hate being unemployed, because it makes me feel kinda useless to society. On the other hand, it's been great being with the kids so much. I guess I haven't been with them this consistently since they were newborns. We have a nice rhythm going, and they are enjoying Summertime almost as much as kids on Sesame Street. They play outside from the time their neighbor friend gets up (which is shockingly late) 'till we force them to come in at night. We go swimming, they eat popsicles and ice cream, they go visit the strange, single neighborhood grown-up man (just kidding, they don't do that).

So anyway, buying a house sucks. Shew, I don't even know if I want to go into it now. Long story short:

  1. in Early June, we found a house we wanted in Charleston
  2. some people wanted to buy our house, we went under contract
  3. next day we put in an offer on the Charleston house
  4. a week later, found out the people can't buy our house- can't get the loan
  5. we're still under contract on Charleston house, contingent that our house sells first
  6. ..like, within the next week and a half
  7. ...which isn't possible
So our only hope of getting that house now are to 1. get under contract on our house ASAP, and 2. get the relocation company that owns the Charleston house to give us another month to close on their house, without adding 1.5% to the cost, which is what they want to do. Needless to say, we're working on back-up plans. The main thing is, we really want the kids to start school in the city and district that we'll be living in. We're trying to find out if we can rent a place in Charleston if needs be. Maybe we could even rent the house we plan to own... we'll see. It's all a crazy mess, and one thing we've learned is that real estate agents suck. They are never working for our best interests, only their own. I mean, that's what people do naturally I know, but you expect people to go against their nature a little bit to help you out when you hire them to do it. 

We're hopeful that something is going to work out. I mean, something will definitely work out, but we don't know when or what it'll be. It's a hard place to be, but people are in much harder places than this. We're trusting that God has a great plan for us, and we will be as patient as we can while we wait to see what it is. 


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