Jul 12, 2012

My Life Lately

I really have to learn to write in this "journal" even when there is only mediocre progress to report. One thing I've learned about myself recently: I am very hard on myself. It's hard for me to look at maintaining, getting by, and keeping the kids alive for the day as positive. I feel like I have to go beyond, excel, and make sure the kids had fun and are worn out for the day to be positive. I know the truth, but I have to work on teaching myself to be satisfied.

My progress since last visit (in mid-May):

  1. I've continued to maintain my weightloss
  2. My kids haven't killed each other or been seriously maimed while I've stayed home to watch them
  3. I continue to eat a lot of healthy foods
  4. I got a J-O-B!
Haven't done so well on the exercise, which has been getting me a little down in the dumps lately. This is the first year since 2010 that I haven't done any 5k's at all. Last year I didn't do one 'till August, so I still have time, but I'm not sure I really want to. Okay, I do want to be able to run 3.1 miles, and I'd love to do it in a group early on a Saturday morning and whatnot... just not sure I want to run 3x a week for several weeks to get to that point. We'll see. Things are about to change in my life once again as I start my new job, and eventually get moved to a new city. 

Our routine right now is that Bryan gets up early to commute one hour to work, and I stay home with the kids. It's been that way since my previous job ended back in mid-June. Honestly, the prospect of being home with the kids scared the crap out of me, and some days have been pretty hard. Some days have been great though, especially the ones where we do something exciting like go to the pool. The hard days are when I try really hard to get something important done, like work on  contracts and documents having to do with attempting to buy a new house.

The house-buying hasn't gone so great, but not by any fault of ours. We were approved for a bigass loan, which is great, and we got a contract on the house we want to buy, which is great, but what isn't so great is the people who wanted to buy our house didn't get their loan. So now we're stuck. We need the considerable down payment that will come from selling our house in order to buy the next house. No two ways about that, and now we have to wait and see if it's going to still be possible to get the house we really want and currently have locked up in a contract that runs out at the end of this month.

This week I realized that if I continued not to exercise, it was going to continue to wreak havoc on my mood. Two days ago I had an awful day. I loaded around all day and ate really crappy stuff. By the end of the day I was just so done with dealing with anything anymore, and I knew all of it was attributable to the way I felt about myself for not exercising lately. Yesterday I woke up and mowed the grass in the  morning, which is a great workout and makes the yard look great. Subsequently, I had a great day. Felt great, ate well, and even logged my food for the day. Today, I took my own advice and started my day with a workout of plank, mountain climbers, and burpees. I will also incorporate some more activity into the rest of my day, and log my food for the day.

So, that's where I've been lately. I'll be back tomorrow, and let you know how today went. 


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