Sep 1, 2012

For the Record: An Introduction

I started "For the Record" many years ago, as a way to account a little bit of every day of my life. It's a Word document I keep on my hard drive, and whenever I feel like it I give it an update. It's based on a diary that my grandma used to have. I was always amazed that she would allow me to read it, but after reading it I knew why. It wasn't a "diary" as my 10 year old brain understood it; rather, it was an account of every day of her life. It had entries like "Kids came to visit today. We played Scrabble..." 

So here, for the first time, I'm going to start sharing my For The Record thoughts, once a week, on Saturdays. Here's the first one. Enjoy. 


For The Record...


Wow, it's the first day hath September. I have learned something today: I am better--happier--saner when I am writing. I have said for a long time, jealously, that true artists (musicians, painters, etc) are what they are because they can't be sane without doing their art. I love to make music, and I love drawing, but I can be sane without them. Maybe I can't be without writing. 

I'm sitting on my front porch in Beckley. I've been awake since 4:55. It's Saturday. Lupin and Pumpkin the Cat are with me, the sun is starting to lighten up the sky, and the three of us are watching  a squirrel disquieting this lovely morning by continuing to jostle the leaves of his nearby oak tree. It is comical how the three of us are similarly disturbed by this, but only I am also amused by it. It's nice to be one of the animals, curiously watching another animal do his thing, but I am also a Person, so I see differently than they do. 

Oh, and now Lupin is jealous that the cat is free to go wait fruitlessly under the tree for Said Squirrel to mishappenly fall from it into his waiting claws. So much so that Lupin is currently looking over his shoulder at me with disdain, as icily as a Labrador can (ie, as icy as a Hershey bar in August). 

There are mosquitos out here. I am pretending not to care. 

I think I may have promised Zene last night that we would camp tonight at Nana's house. I think he said to me "Does Daddy know we're going to camp tomorrow at Nana's house?" and I may have replied "Don't tell him yet, but yes we will." 


Yum Yucky said...

I love this idea. I started separate journals as a memoir to each of my kids several years ago, but sadly, I didn't keep up with it. There are only few entries in each journal. Your idea is perfect. I'm going to start doing this in a Word doc. Keep writing, Laura. There truly is something special about your writing. :)

Laura said...

Thank you Josi. Your support amazes me. "You are such a super lady!"

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