Sep 3, 2012

Our Labor Day

Today is proof that writing is good for me. I sat outside this morning, gathering my thoughts while writing in this blog, then preceded to go forth and have a wonderful day. Here's what I/we did today:

  • After writing in my blog, went inside, and Zene asked what was for breakfast, so I cleaned the kitchen, made breakfast, and I had an awesome omelet with black bean corn salsa & green peppers, with a whole wheat English muffin. 
  • Watched a movie with Bryan over breakfast & coffee
  • Played What's in Ned's Head and Sorry! with the kids
  • (This is the best part) Packed up a basketball and water, and went for a walk with the kids to the park. Ran/walked a couple laps while they played, then played basketball with Tayan for like an hour, as if I didn't care at all how I looked doing it, because I don't. Walked most of the way back home too, then Bryan picked us up. 
  • Went out to eat at Cheddar's, even enjoying the time we had to wait by shopping around town with our buzzer. 
  • Cut the boys' hair for the first time! It was a ill stressful for us all, but turned out well. 
  • Played some wicked music with my band, and encouraged us to actually schedule a Real Gig. 
Now I am showered, tired in a great way, and feeling like I did right by the whole family today, including myself. 

And one more great thing... On our walk today, Tayan said "Wow, look at that huge hill over there. Can you imagine walking up that?" It was out of our way, but I encouraged them and pretty much forced them to try it. Tayan was protesting, refusing to run, but I was only positive, telling him he was doing great walking up the hill. He started to run then, and made it to the top. It was awesome. We were so proud of ourselves. 

I think exercising with the kids may be the answer to my current exercise issues. It points out to me why I'm really doing this--to be able to teach them that this is how we live. Actively. 


Yum Yucky said...

Fitness with the kids is so much fun and makes for wonderful memories that will never be forgotten. I've had so many good times and still making more memories. Keep on slam dunkin', girlfriend.

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