Sep 11, 2013

Toxins are a bitch

Alright, here's the deal. I have spent the last 4+ days in varying states of misery going from my neck to my nose to throughout my entire head, shoulders, inside my head... Woke up Saturday morning with pain in my neck, went about my normal activities, then all of a sudden my shoulder/neck area just seized up. Spent the rest of the weekend trying to keep it from freaking out more, resting, icing, etc. It was terrible; I mean, I got LAUNDRY to do, man! Sunday I decided maybe I had something terrible like meningitis, so I set out to go to Med Express. On the way there, I thought "what the heck am I doing? what do i want? pain meds?" After seeing the parking lot and how many sick people were waiting to see a doctor, I decided this can't be the place for me. Went to the drug store instead and bought a new icey bag for my neck and two packs of chocolate for my brain.

Monday I went to the chiropractor (Dr Grose of Grose Chiropractic, check them out if you're anywhere close to here). He is awesome, by the way. I love him and his whole practice. Having a massage every time I go does give them bonus points, but in general it's just a nice community place where everybody talks about what they're doing to get better. It's not all private like doctors' offices usually are. People are there to do exercises, talk to health experts, and get better.

Anyway, they straightened me out, and Doc told me I'd feel much better the next day.

Instead, yesterday I felt HORRIBLE. I had an important meeting at work where I was supposed to present this entirely new concept to a bunch of skeptical folks who were apt to buck the new system. I was supposed to sell it. It didn't happen. I let somebody else take over, and sat there feeling like I might pass out or throw up. Considered walking out and going home in the middle of the meeting, but sat there till it was done and then did just that. I didn't know what the heck was up, because it felt like I was going to DIE, like I had the flu.

Went back to the chiro today, talked to them about everything, and realized--you know what, Laura, you're just screwing yourself. Screwing myself with the food I eat, the caffeine I take in, the aspartame, the grease, the TOXINS. When they straightened me out on Monday it released all these toxins that had been pent up in my head/neck/back, and I simply didn't drink enough water to flush them out! Simple as that. They were right, I had barely drank any water, and I had no other excuse to feel "flulike" yesterday.

When I left there I thought I just can't do this anymore. I can't put my body and mind through this kind of treatment. I'm going back to my "no white stuff" diet: no sugar except in a serving of 5g or less (like cereal) or in fruit, no white flour. I'm going to focus on eating mostly vegetables and fruit, with plenty of protein. I just have to do it.

Please if you read this, help keep me honest. Ask me how it's going. I need you! Thanks.


Laura Adkins said...

Drink your water! I am guilty of this myself and if you keep me honest, I will most certainly keep you honest.

All my love to you "Coop"-Lil Red

Yum Yucky said...

Aspartame! Please kick it out of your life now. So very toxic. Feel better, my friend.

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