Oct 7, 2013

Going Strong

One week into Brain Enema Fall 2013, and I am going strong...

I've stuck to my rules very well except for one or three teensy things here and there, which I think is a huge win! I find that if you don't have teensy things here and there that take you out of Diet Perefction, then you are either:

  1. lying, or 
  2. being too strict.

My teensy things were: 

    a.   some homemade croutons made with white bread on an otherwise perfect-choice chicken salad
    b.   few bites of a Chocolate Pot du Creme practice batch
    c.   a Diet Coke at a sub shop where I did not order a sub; rather a chef salad
    d.   a large biscuit perched atop my Chicken Pot Biscuit dinner Saturday (but that's cheat meal anyway)

And then of course I had my planned "cheat" on Saturday, which was half of a Chocolate Pot du Creme, which was absolutely heavenly. I even avoided eating the rest of it the next day, since it was no longer my "cheat meal." 

I'm feeling great about this plan. Of course, I have had a few moments when I wanted to throw the tv out the window for showing me the new Papa John's chocolate chip cookie pizza (totally evil), or people eating pie (dastardly). But, it's all good. The tv and I both survived.

I had plain strawberries with whipped cream on them for dessert last night. Nominal sugar, some fat, and it made me feel full and happy. 

Oh, and I'm down from hovering at 205 for quite awhile now to 201 this morning. And my pants are a little loose. Woot!


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