Jul 23, 2015

Stellar lunch & OH- Consumption Triggers

Still going strong, no alcohol... late night last night with friends of Bryan's from out of town. Here are some of my Desire for Alcoholic Consumption Triggers that occurred last night:

  • unknown people, powerful people, good-looking people (impress them!)
  • requirement for spontaneous conversation (not with folks comfy with long bouts of silence)
  • tired, hungry, or bored (describes most free time)
  • having accomplished yard work (comes straight from Dad and his 1 Busch Light after grass-mowing)
  • merry-making of any kind (thank you, college)
Nine more evenings, and then it'll be a Saturday night, first of August, and I will be sharing a growler of Raj with someone. 

Anyway, for today: 

I was very hungry around 10 o'clock, because I hadn't had breakfast. 
By 11:30 was ravenous, and had images of Arby's in my head (heavily-advertised BLT, fries, soda)
Didn't want to screw up my day though, so put this thought into my head:
No matter what I eat right now, whether it be salad or gargantuan sandwich, it's going to alleviate this desperately hungry feeling. So choose WELL.
Decided, no matter what, was going to eat something good for my body for lunch.
Headed out the door.
Driving down the road, crazy thoughts of shopping, car-wash, visiting Floyd, eating, all the possibilities...
Decided on Pita Pit. Parked. Went in: 10 people in line. 
Got back in car, going who-knows-where... 
Subway: credit card machine down. Had no cash. 
Back on road, towards McDonald's to turn around. Avoided it. Wendy's? 
Decided to head home, get Wendy's salad, eat with Floyd on my porch.
Hopped on the bridge, exited, got into Wendy's lot: 10 cars waiting. 
Headed to Other Subway. Got in line (5ish cars). Waited, strategized a tasty healthy sandwich.
(12" honey oat, ham, guac, spinach, jalapeno, black olive, cucumber, toasted, no cheese)
Wanted to eat right there in parking lot, listen to podcast. 
Instead, went home (round the block), took my water, phone, sandwich, Bose (to listen), 
and Floyd to the front porch. 
Beautiful sunny day, not too hot, my little buddy to keep company. 
Listened to Iggy Pop on Bose, shared the sandwich with Floyd.
Despite many obstacles, had a stellar lunch today. 


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