Dec 3, 2015

Bananas are on sale!

This morning I decided to go to Kroger before work. I just wanted stuff that was fresh, that would make my stomach and bowels and brain and muscles feel good. I bought the following:

First walked in, saw and grabbed a 6-pack of kiwi for $1.99. Score!
Next, cucumbers were (not soft like a few weeks ago, and) 2/$0.99. Yes! I got 2.
Wanted lettuce, so I picked up my favorite: Boston lettuce. $1.79, I think.
Green pepper, $0.99
Needed protein, had a coupon, so I got some roasted, salted pistachios. $2.99 after coupon.
Almost passed the bananas (they never go on sale), but they were $0.39/lb! Got 4.
Kashi cinnamon mini wheats. Love them, and needed protein & fiber.
Light vanilla soy milk for the cereal.

I needed one more thing: something to dip veggies into. I had been thinking hummus, but there's only one brand of hummus that I like (Sabra), and it's almost never on sale. It wasn't. Plus, I used to think hummus was this wonder dip, but it really isn't that great. Sure, it's low in calories, but it's also low in protein and fiber. Granted, it's better than sour cream based dip, but... it was more expensive. So, I went to the dip section and selected a Helluva good "greek style" ranch dip, which had less fat than its brothers.

So, I'm excited to eat today. I spent $20, by the way, and what I don't eat today and tomorrow at work is going home with me for the weekend. 

Plus, I'm going back for more bananas for the kids. They only like bananas sometimes, but --they're on sale!

P.S. Isn't it truly amazing that we live in a place and a time where we can walk into a store and see a dazzling variety of fresh food that we can afford to buy, to grow our bodies and our families into healthy, happy people?