Pictures of Me

These two pictures are of me in May and June of 2009. I was about 250 pounds. The picture with Baby Zene dwarfed next to me is the one that really got me thinking... is this really how I want to live my life?? Notice that I was carrying my car keys on the outside of my jeans in both of these pictures--no room in the inn for keys. In the second picture, you can really see how meaty my hands had become, too. The jeans I'm wearing in both pics were Lane Bryant, "Size 2," which pretty much means "Size 22."

These next two pictures are from July 2010 and June 2011. In the first one I was 195 pounds and have just finished running a couple of miles. This was a month after my first 5k, and after this I did 5 more 5ks in consecutive months. In the next picture I weighed 185 pounds (only 10 more pounds in 1 year, I know... crazy... but I'm winding down). It was taken in a dressing room, in my first pair of Size 14 jeans since... my first year of college? I was proud of myself. You can bet your sweet butt I bought those jeans, too!